Local Water Stays Local

An organization dedicated to preserving Shingletown Water

Plans are being developed by a landowner from Tehama County and his backer from the Bay Area to remove up to 288,000 gallons of water per day from his property in Hidden Meadows here in Shingletown’s water aquifer. The effects to local resident’s water supply and two watersheds (Battle Creek and Bear Creek), are unknown and could be catastrophic! 
This is more water than is used by the local existing andproposed subdivisions combined,
(Click to see chart). 

This water would be shipped outside our area by a fleet of tanker trucks making up to 96 trips per day past our homes and through our town on narrow highway 44. The water would be sold to an unknown water bottling company by “Hidden Meadows Spring Water Company”, as they prefer to be known, without regard to our scarce water resources or for the people and wildlife now residing in our community.

288,000 Gallons per day

48 trucks up and
48 trucks down a day

Click for Comparison Chart & Table Bottle water Powerpoint doc
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